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batch cropping

SnipTag – How to Batch Crop Scanned Photos

By SiteDevAdminSTA | May 7, 2020

SnipTag for macOS features a powerful tool named Snip for batch cropping dozens of scanned photos at a time. When you’re working on a big scanning project, it can save you countless hours of grunt work. Like any tool, Snip must be used correctly to produce the desired results. This short, illustrated tutorial provides all…

SnipTag app FAQ

SnipTag app for Mac – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

By SiteDevAdminSTA | October 21, 2019

SnipTag FAQ is a compilation of users’ questions. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, click Help > Contact in the app for prompt assistance. We may also add your question to SnipTag FAQ so it can help others. This document contains the following sections: Getting Started Batch Cropping Scanned Photos Adding Captions…

image metadata

Why Edit Image Metadata (and How)

By SiteDevAdminSTA | July 27, 2019

Why bother to edit image metadata? Short answer: To make your photos easy findable, and, if you are a professional photographer, to assert your ownership rights over your work. We all have thousands of photos. Gigabytes worth of digital images in our computers, smartphones, cloud accounts and external drives. It’s a flood of our own…

photo captions and metadata

Is Your Photo Collection a Mess? Read these Tips from a Photo Organizer.

By SiteDevAdminSTA | July 13, 2019

Certified photo organizer Caroline Guntur specializes in bringing order to peoples’ stashes of memories. Besides, she is also an educator who runs e-courses and workshops on organizing. Below, some excerpts from her in-depth review of SnipTag app for Mac. One of the most common complaints I hear about post-processing from clients, students, and readers of…

How to Save, Store and Scan Photos: 7 Easy Tips

By SiteDevAdminSTA | July 13, 2019

In a Reader’s Digest article, Juliana LaBianca explains how to preserve old family photos. Summary below (Plus our suggestions on how to scan photos): As printed photos age, they can fade, get brittle or acquire color casts. They demand, but seldom get, good tender loving care. You need to know how to keep the originals, and…